Auto-Clean™/K-30 Sink Machine

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3/4" to 1 1/2" (20 mm to 38 mm) Drain Lines

Clean - Cable contained inside guide hose to minimize cleanup of hands, work areas and fixtures.
Immediate Results - Strong, durable MAXCORE® 50 cable for tough blockages.
AUTOFEED® Control - Conveniently powers cable down drain and through blockages. Aluminum paddles advance cable 20% faster.
MAXCORE® 50 Cable - Includes 1/4" x 30' (6 mm x 9 m) Inner core cable for increased strength and longer life. Provides 50% more cleaning power for tough blockages.
Powerful Motor - Single phase, AC 1.1 Amp, 60Hz, 450 RPM, CSA approved.

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DescriptionAuto-Clean Sink Machine