SeeSnake® microReel Video Inspection System

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1 1⁄2" to 4 / 5" (40 to 100 / 125 mm)* lines up to 100' (30 m). Passes 90° bends in most 2" (50 mm) lines.

microReel video inspection system provides small size and maneuverability for small diameter and tight-turn radius inspections.

* 4" (100 mm) when used with a microEXPLORER™ or micro CA-300 inspection cameras. 5" (125 mm) when used with a SeeSnake monitor.

Lightweight and compact design is one-half the size of popular inspection systems, easily stowed in a truck and carried onto the jobsite.
Multi-monitor compatibility with existing SeeSnake monitors, or the micro CA-300 digital inspection camera.
Durable and reliable construction with hardened stainless steel camera head spring assembly for a long service life. Long-lasting high-intensity lights for exceptional viewing.
Stiffer push cable than microDrain to enable line inspections up to 100' (30m

Availability: Out of stock


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DescriptionmicroReel L100 (SS CCU) NTSC