SeeSnake® Digital Laptop Interface

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Leverage the power and flexibility of a laptop computer with the SeeSnake LT1000 and the SeeSnake Mini or Standard drain inspection cameras and reels. Use a laptop computer as a camera control unit to add powerful monitoring, recording, storage and communications capabilities.

Ultimate Flexibility - in recording, monitoring, and reporting. Unlock the power of your laptop to monitor, record and communicate.
Clean Keys Control Pad - keep gloved hands off the laptop keyboard while controlling camera operation and recording during an inspection.
Battery Powered Freedom - perform inspections regardless of availability of AC power (Optional).
Laptop Stabilization System - secure and stabilize your laptop and reel to protect it in the field (full LT1000 only).

Availability: Out of stock


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DescriptionLT1000M w/Battery and Charger Kit (115V)